Some rules for the first date

If you go to the first date to the restaurant, there are some things to know. First of all, you should let a man who invited you choose aperitifs. Don’t order the most expensive dishes, but at the same time you shouldn’t choose the cheapest one. Keep the golden mean!

The second rule is to avoid hard-to-eat dishes such as shellfish or oysters. Spaghetti is also not right choice. They are hardly controlled and eaten with elegance. And don’t forget that the dishes with garlic can kill the atmosphere of the first kiss.

After all there are some basic rules like using a fork and a knife. Speaking with your full mouth doesn’t give the best effect. And don’t show that you are very hungry. You go to the restaurant to talk and flirt with a man you like. You don’t go there to stuff when someone pays for you.

And the last one is that you should not criticize the place or the service. Remember you are a nice woman who wants to spend a pleasant evening.